Product   NutriCheer Calcium
Pack Size   30 Tablets
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NutriCheerTM Calcium 1000 is specially formulated to enhance your ability to absorb and use calcium. Calcium is necessary for proper teeth/bone development and muscle function. This formula contains calcium citrate malate, vitamin D3, vitamin K2-7 for optimal calcium absorption and utilization within the body.

Calcium plays a very vital role in the body. It is necessary for normal functioning of nerves, cells, muscles and bones. If there is not enough calcium in the blood, then the body will take calcium from bones, thereby weakening bones. If your body doesn’t supply enough calcium, our body draws calcium from our bones causing them to weaken.

Vitamin D3 helps your body absorbs and regulates mineral concentrations of calcium and phosphorus. On the other hand,it blocks specific amount of hormone(parathyroid hormone) that reabsorbs bone tissue, which makes bones thin and brittle .Thus enhancing the ability of the body to absorb high amount of calcium.

Vitamin K2 (MK-7) The biological role of vitamin K2-7 is to help move calcium into the proper essential areas in your body, such as your bones and teeth .MK-7 is the highly absorbable form because it has long half life. Therefore,it stays in the system for long time and the body absorbs it in a better way. It ensures maximum utilization of calcium and maintains bone mineralization.

Zinc is a naturally occurring mineral and aids normal growth and wound healing. It also functions in the sense of taste and your appetite.



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