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Spirulina is an all-in-one super nutrient that is derived from a tiny water plant- Spirulina. Since the ancient times, it has been mankind’s most powerful source of nutrition.Spirulina which is often referred to as blue-green algae is a highly nutritious dietary supplement. Spirulina is a blue-green algae,it is a superfood powerhouse that grows naturally in pristine freshwater lakes, rivers and ponds. It is considered the world’s most powerful superfood, because it offers one of the highest concentration of carotenoids. Spirulina is 65% protein. This is extremely high for a plant and one of the reasons it is becoming more and more popular. It also contains sources of all 8 essential amino acids. It’s an easy, healthy way to boost your protein intake and a great source of protein for vegetarians. Amino acids also serve several other essential functions within the body. For example, the amino acids found in proteins are responsible for managing insulin levels in the body, maintaining the immune system, transporting minerals throughout the body, and more.Furthermore, this protein is highly absorbable. It is the richest source of protein, vitamins, minerals, beta carotene, antioxidants & other nutrients missing in your diet. It keeps us active and energetic. Fights fatigue & stress. Builds immunity against infections.

✔ Contains essential fatty acids
Spirulina is especially high in Omega 3’s and also has a significant amount of Omega 6s and Omega 9s.
✔ High in Chlorophyll
This helps to flush out toxins from the blood, acting as a natural detox. It also helps to boost your immune system.

✔ Source of Iron
Spirulina is a fantastic source of Iron, meaning it is excellent for women during pregnancy. In 100g of Spirulina contains 158% of your daily Iron requirements.
✔ High in betacarotenoids
Betacarotenoids (antioxidants) help your immune system and helps clear your skin.
✔ High in Calcium
Spirulina is also very high in calcium, meaning it is excellent for growing children to help their bones and teeth develop. It contains over 26 times the calcium in milk.
✔ Source of many micronutrients
It is also a great source of many other micronutrients, such as vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin A. It is also a source of potassium, chromium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, selenium and zinc.

Benefits of Spirulina
Spirulina has some great health-boosting qualities

The concentration of protein and vitamins in Spirulina has led many to classify it as the “most nutrient dense food on the planet.”Compared to other foods gram for gram, it lives up to this reputation and is a great source of:

→ Protein: It is considered a complete source of high-quality protein and is often compared to eggs for the amount of protein per gram. The protein in Spirulina is highly usable and has a net protein utilization rate of between 50-61%
→ Vitamin B1: Also called Thiamin, this vitamin is necessary for the digestion of fats and proteins. It is often taken for increased energy, eye health, brain function and for improving nerve functioning.
→ Iron: Spirulina is a favorite food for vegetarians and vegans because it is one of the best plant sources of iron. Even for those who consume meat, it has a highly absorbable form of iron that is gentle on the digestive system.
→ Calcium: Spirulina is also incredibly high in calcium with over 26 times the calcium in milk.

Spirulina supplements,a miracle from the sea, are sources of all vital nutrients that can benefit our health and add to our nutritional value.


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