Nutricheer Stress Relief



Feeling stressed? Everyone faces stress from time to time. However, long-term stress can build up and have an adverse impact on health. So it is essential that you find ways to better deal with and reduce stress levels. Stress stimulates your body’s fight or flight response and causes different reactions in people including:

♦ Increased pupil dilations
♦ Perspiration
♦ Increased heart rate and blood pressure
♦ Rapid breathing
♦ Muscle tension
♦ Less blood flow to the skin, kidneys and liver and more to the brain, heart and muscles.
♦ Increased blood sugar, fats and cholesterol Stress is a normal psychological and physical response to the day-to-day demands of life. The feeling of being overloaded with mental or emotional pressure can turn into stress when you feel unable to cope.

Too much stress causes the body’s defense system – known as “fight-or-flight” – to kick in. The nervous system releases a flood of stress hormones that include adrenaline and cortisol. This emergency stress response causes the heart to pound faster, muscles to tighten, and breathing to become more rapid.

To remain calm and relaxed we can take help of stress relief supplements that contains nutraceutical natural ingredients ,keeping us calm, fresh and energetic throughout the day.


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