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Colostrum, our first food of life, is naturally designed to maintain health and prevent disease rather than cure a disease that you already may have. To make an analogy, it’s better to close the barn door before the horse runs out than after it already has. So what does it do for us as adults or for children older than babies? Colostrum is incredibly effective at shutting down the cause of most disease and infection; when this occurs, our body can then work to repair and rebuild the damaged tissue and allow adults, children, and animals to enjoy radiant and robust health.

It is the first secretion from the mammary glands after giving birth, rich in antibodies.

Colostrum contains about 100 times the immunoglobulin proteins as regular milk does? That means that you get about 100 times the immune-fighting cells that you would from regular cow milk, boosting your immune system drastically!

But what exactly Colostrum is ????
Colostrum is sort of a pre-milk that is produced by cows (and human mothers). It is the stuff that the newborn calves feed on, and it provides them with all of the nutrients that they need as they are still very young.
Benefits :

♦ Colostrum passes on the antibodies, immune factors, and nutrients that will keep one healthy as they begin to develop their own immune system
♦ It also provides a lot of the fat and proteins that is needed for development of healthy bones and muscles.
♦ It contains special adaptogenic properties, which will help to produce the cells that will be its own immune system.
♦ It increases the white blood cell count , helping them to fight off infection and disease all on their own.
♦ Colostrum also provides the bacteria that will help to digest milk properly.

Colostrum plays a very important part in the growth and health of a newborn

There are two types of colostrum:

Human colostrum — This is the colostrum that is produced by mothers when their baby is still very young. It is sometimes available for purchase, but it is not the type most commonly used for colostrum supplements.

Bovine colostrum — This is the stuff that comes from cows, and it is the type of colostrum that is used for most colostrum supplements. It contains many of the same nutrients found in human colostrum, but it has a higher fat and protein content.

Improving Gut Health: The gut is responsible for nutrient absorption, detoxification and immunological balance. Researchers believe the microbial balance in the gut plays a role in roughly 70% of our immunological control.

Boost Immune Function: BioActive Colostrum has been proven to stimulate your immune system as well as reduce an overactive immune response (common with autoimmune disorders). It is a powerful antioxidant that can help you deal with a number of health disorders–making it a great choice for improved overall health!

There are two main areas where colostrum has shown to be useful for humans:
♦ To support your immune system
♦ For Athletic Performance.

Our ability to survive in a world full of dangerous pathogens and toxins is dependent upon the ability of our immune system to neutralize and destroy these potential dangers. To accomplish this, our bodies have developed many strategies that attack or neutralize dangers in a wide variety of ways. Many of these are included in colostrum as well because one of the main routes of infection or toxin entry into the body is through the gut. In fact, no other supplement can come close to colostrum in the variety and effectiveness of its immune support. Colostrum also provides a potent array of immune factors including immunoglobulins, cytokines, interferon, lactoferrin, and PRPs. Supplementation of these factors can dramatically restore immunity, prevent infection, and speed healing and recovery from illness.

Colostrum can help us restore some of our lost balance. It has shown great promise, for example, in treating autoimmune disorders, which can be traced back to leaky gut and nutritional or environmental imbalances. Colostrum can help repair the damage we do to our gastrointestinal tracts from taking antibiotics as well as pain and other medications, drinking alcohol and acidic beverages, and eating processed, fried, and unhealthy foods. It can help each and every one of us to lead a happier and healthier life.


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